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Do You need to establish or re-establish credit?

Click on the link above and apply today for a Home Trust Visa to help re-establish or establish credit.

Its important to;

-use them regularly and pay off or down by at least the minimum payment amount, before the payment due date

-try not to exceed 35% of the limit, or pay off monthly - example on 1000 credit limit, try and keep balance under 350.00, This will greatly help improve your credit score

-if you don't use your credit cards, don't close them. When you close them, they can impact your credit score up to 100 points as you lose history. Try and use them a few times a year to maintain history.

-Bank credit cards, credit unions, trust companies etc., are good credit cards to obtain to improve your score and history, as they are traditional lenders.

-regardless of current credit score/history, you may still qualify for a credit card if you can fully secure it with the lender. Example a bank may issue a card for 500-1000 if you secure it with 500-1000 savings.

Please contact me for further advice!

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