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        Private and Alternative Mortgages

Let's face it. Life Happens and it can and does affect your overall financial picture. You may have made changes or had changes you didn't anticipate in your life that affect your income and how you qualify for a Mortgage. You may have or had credit issues that are causing you a lot of worry and stress or have even gone through consumer proposal or bankruptcy. You no longer qualify for a mortgage at your bank or credit union. You are not alone. Many people go through this financial stress and aren't aware they may have several options.

Let me help you with the financial stress this causes. I have access to many alternative lenders, and Private lenders who go well outside of the 'Banks Box'. In most cases you can be refinanced up to 80% of the value of your home. My goal would be to work with you to move you back up to the traditional lenders in as little time as possible.

Each financial situation is different and I can help and advise on what options would be available for you.

My advise is always free!

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